Audi a4 quattro 2017

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  • Audi A4 T Quattro Long-Term Arrival: A Year with a Sharp 3 Series Competitor - Motor Trend
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  • Jul 22, Audi A4 20T Quattro front end. Audi A4 20T Quattro rear end. Audi A4 20T Quattro front three quarter Audi A4 20T.

    With a striking exterior design and brilliant available driver assistance features, the Audi A4 makes looking on the bright side easy. Explore the possibilities.

    Edmunds also has Audi A4 pricing, MPG, specs, pictures, safety features, Audi A4 T Prestige Quattro Sedan (L 4-cyl. turbo; AWD; 7-speed.

    Here are Nationwide listings for a Audi A4. Hide nationwide shipping 0. They were so nice, funny, and made me so excited for my first car! Theft History Reported 0.

    Audi A4 T TFSI Quattro Review

    Audi tells us that this whiz kid and his cohort now make up 75 percent of the active car-buying public, and eight out of 10 of these millennials want a premium or luxury car. Functionality is even more impressive than the crisp looks. Forget hunting through labyrinthine menus. The rotary command wheel on the center console remains useful and easy to control, but the updates to the Audi Connect system take things to new heights.

    From there it was simple as selecting one of four CVS pharmacies nearby, and we were even able to add one as a stopover on our pre-programmed driving route. Prestige models of the Audi A4 can be had with a suite of 21 driver-assistance systems. The familiar blind-spot monitoring, lane departure warning, and emergency automatic braking are on the list, but Audi also peppers in a few bright ideas it cooked up as part of its research into autonomous piloted driving.

    Turn-assist prevents you from being clipped by oncoming traffic while making a turn by gently applying the brakes if the car senses an impending collision. The whiz kid is also back from summer vacation with some tasteful new threads.

    Audi is going for timeless subtlety rather than the sex appeal of the Mercedes C-Class or the boldness of the Lexus IS. Such modest design clarity carries through into the interior treatment of the Audi A4 , although the look does ratchet up the sportiness compared to previous generations of this car.

    Horizontal lines give the cabin a sense of greater width and substance. Underneath the new wardrobe, the A4 has also been hitting the gym and passing on spaetzle so it can deliver a more athletic driving experience. Audi says the car now can boast best-in-class driving dynamics. It all starts with a weight reduction of as much as 99 pounds for front-wheel-drive models 66 pounds less with all-wheel drive.

    Chassis updates alone account for a reduction in unsprung weight of 46 pounds, mostly by using aluminum. For example, the substitution of fixed-type aluminum brake calipers for the former floating-type iron items also account for a savings of 11 pounds.

    Meanwhile, a selection of upgraded chassis components starts with steering links that connect to the center of the front wheels, which help deliver a more precise feel through the steering wheel. The placement of the motor for the electric-assist system on the steering rack has been optimized for the same reason. The five-link front and rear suspension filters out unwanted road harshness, and the use of high-pressure, gas-charged monotube dampers on cars with the standard mechanical suspension deliver better wheel control on uneven pavement.

    The rear suspension links even incorporate deflectors to reduce aerodynamic lift. We think the A4 deserves varsity status. No matter how we lashed the Audi A4 around San Diego — even on the cold, wet road to the 6,foot summit of Palomar Mountain east of the city — the car maintained perfect balance in the corners.

    Gone is the old brittle ride quality. The brakes bite right at the top of the pedal travel to give you fantastic confidence, and we never felt them fade even on the steep way down the mountain from the famous astronomical observatory. The base model A4 with the standard dampers proves to be a capable athlete, although when you get it out of its comfort zone on urban highways it can prove to be a little sluggish when the road calls for quick directional transitions.

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