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  • Not surprising, the acceleration times for the brawnier G37 S are markedly improved over the less-powerful, five-speed G35 S. Zero to 60 now.

    Zero to 60 times does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the Infiniti mph . Infiniti G37x Compare Car Infiniti G37 Convertible Compare Car.

    Adding all-wheel-drive to a luxury sport coupe like the Infiniti G37x is smart marketing. From 60 to 0, a longest feet with quite a fair amount of fade.

    At low rpm, the V-6 engine is hardly noticeable, but give it the spurs and it emits an angry growl above rpm that's a bit louder than you'd expect. Around the sunny streets of Los Angeles, we averaged just south of 20 mpg. Those great impressions start with its stunning styling! Quicker, too, the quarter-mile at If you do live where all-wheel-drive is a welcome ally in the winter, you probably won't have too much trouble justifying the extra cost.

    Infiniti G37x | MotorWeek

    While the G37 Sedan has a long list of competitors, the luxury sports sedan is one of fewer options for consumers to choose from in the all-wheel drive category. What really sets the G37x apart is the incredible power of its new 3. It pulls like a V8 would and with hp at rpm and ft-lbs of torque at rpm, it has numbers like a V8 too.

    The increase is 22hp and one ft-lb over the old 3. The new design of the G certainly looks better thought-out than the outgoing model. Whereas the G35 almost looked like two different vehicles, with soft and sharp lines mashed together at spots, the new G is all soft flowing lines over what looks like a bulkier body.

    Generally speaking, it has the appearance of being much larger that competitors from BMW and Audi. While the car does come standard with inch wheels, we would like to see an optional inch package like the one offered in Canada.

    It is equally as classy as other brushed aluminum trims and at the same time gives the car a little extra personality — never a bad thing. Oh, and the signature Infiniti analog clock. The whole system is also located a great distance from the driver and required a stretch to reach it and I have long arms.

    On top of this, the LCD screen was impossible to read in direct sunlight. On the plus side, however, this package does include a backup camera and the Navigation system comes with XM NavTraffic to give you real-time traffic information — with an XM subscription of course. As for the Premium Package, it includes a long list of features including a speaker Bose audio system with inch door mounted subwoofers.

    Another disparity between U. As for my thoughts on the interior, I really liked that Infiniti has upgraded the switchgear on the new models. Two other features really impressed me as well: As for my dislikes, I found that reaching the seat controls was almost impossible due to the tiny space between the seat and the door.

    The cockpit also seemed relatively cramped, as I had to put the seat at its lowest setting to avoid hitting the roof with my head. As expected in a car of this class, there is a long list of safety features. It comes with dual-stage front air bags, as well as roof-mounted side air bags for front and rear passengers.

    A more impressive braking package is available for RWD models and optional brake-operated pre-crash seatbelts are an option. From behind the wheel the G37x is sporty and luxurious. The front-mid location of the engine helps give the car a balanced feel and despite looking larger than the outgoing model it has almost the exact same dimensions and is still quite tossable — though not nearly as nimble or nimble feeling as the competing BMW.

    Straight-line power is tremendous and grip is obviously superb. As already mentioned, Infiniti has it a little easier in the AWD category due to several key competitors not having any real options. Even the signature AWD luxury sports sedan, the Audi A4, is a bit underwhelming in terms of performance in this category, with its 3. The Audi also has an interior on par with the G. The real competition, as always, is the BMW xDrive with the closest acceleration time of 5.

    G37x 0-60

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